Cancellation Policy:

For a 2 night stay or weekend reservation there is a 2 week notice request for a full refund.

For a week long reservation there is a 3 week notice request for a full refund.

Within the cancellation window, we will make every effort to rent the cottage for the time that has been cancelled and if we are successful, we will refund your full deposit.

Check in / Check out Time:

Weekly Rentals (Friday to Friday)

Check in is at 4:00pm / Check out is 10:00am.

Weekend Rentals or “Minimum” 2 night stay

Check in is at 3:00pm / Check out is 11:00am

  • If your check in will be later than 8:00pm, please contact us
  • Please adhere to the check out times to allow us to properly sanitize and restock the cottages for the next guests

Cottage Rules:

  • No smoking inside cottages – ashtrays provided on decks
  • Supervise children at all times & review rules with them
  • Children under 12 not permitted at pool or lake without adult supervision
  • Only registered guests at your cottage (to be fair to other paying guests for pool use, kayaks etc)
  • If you have someone coming for a short visit please let us know!
  • Garbage bags (when full) can be put into can provided at side of cottage
  • Ensure that garbage can lid is on tight to keep animals out
  • Please move BBQ away from siding when in use / Clean BBQ after use
  • Wash and dry dishes before checking out
  • Please leave cottage in the same condition as you found it
  • Thank you for helping us to keep the cottages in good condition and we hope you enjoy your stay!

Hot Tub Use:

  • MAXIMUM 5 people in Tub at one time (to prevent water loss)
  • Not recommended for children, pregnant women or heart conditions
  • If you permit your child to use the hot tub they must be supervised by you at all times!
  • Unfasten 4 CLIPS on cover, fold cover in half and open with cover lifter
  • No glass or food in Hot Tub
  • Plastic glasses provided, plastic bottles or cans
  • No toys or foreign objects
  • Please wipe off any body lotion prior as it destroys water quality!
  • Ensure that feet are clean of sand or grass
  • Use JETS button (for power) & LIGHTS button (for lights)
  • Turn off Jets after use, replace cover and fasten all 4 clips when finished
  • Guests will be responsible for any misuse and damage to the hot tub and cover
  • If draining/refilling required due to misuse, $100 will be charged to cover new chemicals & heat up

Pool Rules:

  • Children must be supervised by an adult at all times
  • Ensure that gate is latched when you enter and exit
  • NO DIVING – Pool is 4′ 6″ deep
  • No dogs inside fenced pool area
  • No rough play or running on deck
  • NO PEEING in pooluse toilet in pool house
  • NO GLASS in pool area – Use plastic cups, plastic bottles or cans
  • Infants and toddlers must wear water resistant swim diaper
  • Wear proper swim attire such as a bathing suit and swim trunks
  • Leave the pool during thunder and lightening
  • Hours 9am – Dusk
  • Bring your pool floaty and have fun!

Pet Policy:

  • There are 2 pet friendly cottages available for guests with pets
  • Max. 2 pets per cottage/ $30 pet fee per stay
  • Pets must be on a leash or electric collar and under owners care at all times
  • Please pick up pet waste, dispose in baggies in outside garbage can
  • If raining or your pet has muddy feet, please wipe their paws to prevent heavy dirt on floors
  • If your pet has been swimming in the lake please keep them outside until dry
  • Please do not allow your pet onto the new furniture or beds
  • Do not allow your pet to chew on any furniture, baseboard or decking
  • Please respect other guests who may not be pet lovers or who may have allergies

Smoking Policy:

There is no smoking permitted inside the cottages. Smoking of all legal substances is permitted on the decks of the cottages and on the grounds – please use the ashtrays provided.


We trust our guests to treat our new cottages with care, however we know that sometimes accidents can happen. Please bring any breakage to our attention so that we can make sure that it is fixed and everyone stays safe! If there is damage caused to any equipment or the cottage beyond normal use, our expectation is for the cost of the damages to be covered before check out. Thank you for understanding!

Fun Policy:

Although we must outline our rules, we want our guests to have a TON of FUN! We hope that we have thought of everything and we want you to have the best experience at our cottages. It is our goal to provide as many activities as possible so that you can always find something to do. We will continually be adding activities and grooming our resort each year to make it even better. Bring your bicycles, floaties and games! If you think of something that would benefit our guests we’d love to have your feedback. Happy Vacationing at the Lazy Goose!