Construction progress pictures that were taken throughout the project.

60 Big foots in total went into the ground
It was tricky to space them evenly and have them all level
Discussing the pipe work
Beams, joists, floor, walls and up we go!
Ritchie’s delivery guys lugged every piece of material each week – thank you
So thankful that we had a light winter
Windows and roof…soon to be airtight!
Snowmobilers came to check out the progress
The septic field was a huge job – Our son did the majority of the excavation
It took many loads of sand
Loving the look of the shake on the gable ends
Our son and 2 year old grandson – he loves to be in the big machines!
Levelling to find even ground for the volleyball court posts
Our oldest son & daughter in law and family putting 5 kitchens together in our living room!
My brother and nephews pouring the concrete wall for the pool
Our youngest daughters boyfriend compacting the pool base for concrete
Landscaping day! Connor loves to help his uncle!
Our daughter learning to operate the skid-steer
Getting closer – lower decks to go on and hot tubs next
My 76 year old mom taking a break – She helped paint for weeks
Spraying Hydro-seed – praying for rain!
Concrete pool stairs being poured by my brother and friendĀ 
Pouring the concrete pads in 35 degree weather, what a day that was
Everyone was struggling in the heat and the concrete was curing quickly!
Murray and friends working on the Pool house
Not a good day having to do a do over – Our nephews and our kids laying sod over the hydroseed
The concrete deck being poured, finally a reprieve from the heat
Turned out beautiful…getting closer!
Pool water being pumped in and Fence going up
These things are like Gold! Due to Covid delays we were lucky to get 5 hot tubs!
Getting ready for opening day! Who will be the first one in the pool?!